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50 First Dates

 By Fiona Chianti

Is Love on "Lockdown"?

My Online Dating Experiences...
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But maybe now more than ever is a great time to simply embrace who you are and show your “dates” THAT person.  We are ALL guilty of trying to be someone we aren’t on a first date.  


If anything good has come out of this pandemic, it is that it has forced the love “process” to slow down.  Couples are getting the opportunity to “get to know each other” better before engaging in any physical overtures.  You can avoid the initial in-person dating issues such as, “who picks up the check?” … “do I kiss him (or her)?” … “when do we get physical?”.  Sharing your innermost feelings and acts of “self disclosure” may actually help spur longer lasting love and commitment.


Heres’ what some couples are doing to attempt an online dating connection … 1) Zoom “happy hours”; 2) Zoom “dinner and drinks”; and 3) watching streaming movies together online, then chatting about it afterwards. 


But while we’re sitting at home with nothing to do but contemplate life during a plague, here is another thought – where do you go from here if you don’t get “Zoomed”?  Meet at a park and sit 6 feet apart, blowing kisses to each other?  At what point are the parties willing to take that risk of physical contact?


Another option – take some time off and wait until life hits the “play” button again!  Besides, who wants to meet a potential new “partner” with a mask on? REALLY?? I think not. 


Whatever your take is on “online dating” during this Coronavirus pandemic, one thing we can all agree on is that we have PLENTY OF TIME to contemplate our options!


Until next time ……….. happy hunting!


Fiona Chianti

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Is love on “lockdown” during this pandemic?


How do you find love during a quarantine?  People’s lives have been turned upside down during this unanticipated shutdown …. People are finding themselves with far more free time on their hands than ever before. 


Some folks have turned to “Zoom dates” ……… online dating at its best! You can “cull the herd” by making a few picks on the online dating apps, then setting up an online meeting using the “Zoom” app ………. Why not? It’s the best you’ll be able to do for personal, face-to-face communication during a pandemic.   But - you could get “Zoomed” (the new pandemic term for “kicked to the curb”) before actually meeting in person and saving yourself both time and money!


Spring and early summer are wonderful times to come out of hibernation and meet your date at an outdoor cafe, public park, coffee shop - among others.   But when all of those places are closed, dating becomes a bit trickier.


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