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Long Story Short

Long Story Short is your home for comprehensive conservative viewpoints, hard-hitting interviews, and thought-provoking commentary, with opinions, analysis and frequent doses of Lizzy Fitz. 

With Liz Callaway

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Do you see RED at the sound of Liberal drivel?  So does Liz Callaway!  For one hour a week, you may laugh, you may cry, you may want to throw something but you will certainly be happy you joined this conservative radio talk show host who says what you’re thinking! Oh, and don’t forget to duck from those “Lizzy Fits” when some liberal jerk really pisses her off.  She is an unapologetic fighter for life, a believer in the America First Agenda and has zero tolerance for Liberal BS and even though she's not a proctologist...she knows a Liberal when she sees one.  So, buckle up your Red Hats …it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
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