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From the Mind of Makenna

Power Comic-Con

This past weekend I got the pleasure of being able to attend power Comic-Con in Florence South Carolina. Not only was I excited to be going to a new con but from going to a con every four months at least for years to not a con in over a year (Thanks COVID-19) I was itching to get back into a cosplay. I have been cosplaying for 6 years now and have been to dozens of different cons over the years across the whole east coast. This con exceeded expectations of what I thought a con during covid would mean. I want to first touch on how they stayed within COVID-19 guidelines and made sure everyone was safe, from checking temperatures at the door to various hand sanitizer places throughout the con to most people wearing masks with a lot of cosplayers coming up with creative ways to incorporate the mask to their outfits! Now on to the con itself, it is on the smaller side of cons I have been to but this is a perfect one day con with a wide variety of vendors and very well priced at $10 for the whole day. The vendors included but not limited to comic, collectibles, jewelry, decor, and artist alley. 

A vendor I personally enjoyed was Imagination Halloween and Costume from Myrtle Beach, you could find your next cosplay or get accessories, makeup, or even contacts for a cosplay or upcoming project. There was a large variety of artists that artwork blew me away, including an artist that had a book of their artwork and the cover was a metal plate with more art printed on it. A personal favorite is @joeystarkx on Instagram.

The variety of cosplays was so amazing to see and everyone did an incredible job! 

The cosplay contest was one of my personal favorites with actual fair judging and Batman provided a great host and comical relief. They did a thing not many cons do and that was before you even presented during the contest when you signed up they talked with you about your cosplay and looked close at the details which is a huge plus. 


I want to take a second and talk about at the end of presentation of cosplays and before the winners of each category (kid, teen, and adult) the host Batman took a second to let everyone know they did a incredible job and no matter if you placed or not that everyone did a fantastic job and that it was some of the best cosplaying he’d seen which goes above and beyond what you usually see with hosting cosplay contests. I want to say congratulations to everyone who placed and won in the costume contests you all did extraordinary job and looked out of this world! Some of the people who placed and won: 

The con also supplied VR games and tabletop games so you never run out of things to be able to do. Now I do think they could benefit from having people sign up for time slots for the VR to help with the staff and then so people can walk around more while they wait for their turn. 

There was also a table set up for a group coming out with a new movie about harley Quinn titled “The Devils Daughter”. it follows the life of Harley becoming a psychiatrist into her falling for joker and even introduces Poison ivy. I am excited to see this interpretation especially because it will have a darker take on it. You can watch this movie in theaters, Facebook, and other platforms soon! Everyone I met was so nice and personable. Food was your typical event/con food such as nachos, chicken tenders w fries, burger w fries, corn dogs, etc. all at a fair price. I wouldn’t have minded more seating besides just the seating for eating which got crowded at times. There was no lack in things at this con. It gave me everything I wanted and left me with no wants or needs. 

All and all this was a very enjoyable one-day Comic-Con and I will definitely make it a staple in my con season and can’t wait to see where they take it from here and continue to grow! Be sure to check out the Power Comics store (locations in: Myrtle Beach off 501) and support them for putting this on for all of us cosplayers and nerds.

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